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Website: www.maidennewton-pc.gov.uk    Email clerk@maidennewton-pc.gov.uk 

Happy New Year 

Meetings-The next Parish Council meeting is to be held on- Thursday 5th January 2023- 7pm in the village hall. Minutes of the December meeting are available on the PC website.

Planning Applications- To view the planning applications for Maiden Newton please follow this link to the Dorset Council planning website- https://www.dorsetcouncil.gov.uk/planning-buildings-land/planning/planning-application-search-and-comment 

Coronation May 2023

Maiden Newton Parish Council will be discussing this at the January meeting and welcome residents and community groups to attend or give their support to join a village committee to arrange any celebrations. 

Allotment Vacancies

 We have vacant plots at the Maiden Newton Allotments, please contact the Clerk for more information

Your Parish Councillors and their roles and responsibilities

Cllr Trena Fox 01300 320714

Chair/ Allotment / Crisis Committee 

Cllr Jeremy Edwards 01300 321393

Vice-Chair, CLT/ Bus shelters/ Playing field/MUGA Rock Pit Car Park/ bank signatory / Crisis committee 

Cllr Sally Falkingham 01300 320969

Transport/DAPTC/Housing Homeless Forum/Dorset Deserves Better 

Cllr Cherri Dyke 01300 320888

Play area, Car park at the Village Hall, crisis committee, Village Hall 

Cllr Paul Valinski – via Clerk

Village hall and Youth and Community Centre


Cllr Diana Padfield – 01300 320269

Child Protection Officer/Dorset Deserves Better/PPG

Cllr Lawrie Goff 01300 321302

Ancient Monuments/ Emergency and Flood/Pump and Fire House/ the Green Harvey’s Close/ bank signatory 

Contact the Council

Clerk/RFO – Mrs Michele Harding, C/o West Elworth Farm, Portesham Weymouth, Dorset DT3 4HF.

Email clerk@maidennewton-pc.gov.uk   Tel: 07814 016971

Please also see our noticeboard (between The Stores and No. 64)