MUGA access

Following the Annual Parish meeting the Parish Council have listened to the requests of the residents of Maiden Newton and will be opening the MUGA from 1st to 31st August on a trial basis.
Please see the notice below:
The MUGA has been locked and only open on a booking and pay for basis for several years.
This was to create a revenue to pay for maintenance on the facility due to the vandalism in the area which came at a huge cost to the Parish Council which in turn affects the council taxpayer.
Following the Annual Parish meeting on 1st July 2021 and the strength of feeling amongst the village on the open access to the MUGA the Parish Council have agreed to open the MUGA to the community from 1st to 31st August initially on a trial period to see how this goes and to monitor the usage.
As part of this opening up of the facility we ask that those who use it take care with the surface and not use it for skateboards, roller skates or bicycles as this will damage the surface also no smoking, BBQ’s, fires or alcohol in the MUGA.
If you wish to use the facility in the evening and require lights, there is a code to access the electric meter in the MUGA Hut.
The Parish Council would like the community to form a “Friends of the MUGA” who would be willing to help with fund raising, cleaning, and to carry out minor repairs to the facility in the future as there will be no revenue with the facility open to all users.
We welcome all the young people into this group.
If you would like to be part of this, please contact the Council contact details are below:
We look forward to hearing from you!
Please contact any Councillor contact details on the website and on the notice board.
Or contact the Clerk